Why LiftLink?

Liftlink is the most safest, smartest, cost effective way to transport your school going kids


  • Make money while driving your kids to school or school activities, every time you drive!!! (75% of sales)
  • Refer other drivers, receive 10% of their revenue
  • Drive to a cleaner South Africa
  • Easy payment.


  • Ride with someone who are transporting their own child
  • Safe and secure
  • Ride with someone you can trust
  • More cost effective as other “taxi apps”
  • Rate the driver after each ride


The ONLY school ride sharing App where you can track your kid’s live location.


  • Each driver will nominate a school who will receive commission on every ride (2.5%)
  • Parents will start knowing each other

Lead Providers

Start referring drivers and receive commission on an ongoing basis. Download the LiftLink app and register as a lead provider. Drivers can also be lead providers, only register as a lead provider to receive your referral code.

Download to Get Started

Download the LiftLink App and register as a driver (and/or lead provider) or rider.