Become a driver and start making money!


Our drivers are PARENTS OF SCHOLARS IN SCHOOLS ( grand parents also welcome)…..Driving to work? Dropping children at school….You might as well earn money while driving.

Drivers are NOT employees of Liftlink. We will not tell you when to work, what to wear and what model and make your car must be.

Ready to make money? The first step is to sign up online. Get the app for iPhone and Android.


Before you subscribe, just a few things to take note of….


  • LiftLink drivers must be parents of a school-going children
  • No criminal record
  • You must be older than 25 years
  • You must have a roadworthy vehicle
  • Photo of yourself ( Only you in the photo please!)
  • Copy of your Pdp License (you can immediatelly start driving and submit your PrDP once obtained. Your money will be paid to you as a welcome bonus as soon as you provide us with your PrDP
  • Photo of your vehicle from the front, the license plate must be clear
  • Any proof of your school going children
  • For your own protection, you must notify you short term insurance company or broker that you will be using your vehicle on a part time basis transporting kids and earning money.  


Start making money………..

  • Drivers receive 75% of the revenue
  • A Liftlink driver can earn any amount ranging from R2000-R12000 per month
    NB……..When referring other drivers, you will receive 10% of their revenue on an ongoing basis. Just register as a lead provider with us. Register here
  • 10% of all rides of drivers that use your referral code to register.
  • How much can you earn ? Use the calculator below